Part NumberDescriptionPrice(US $)Stock
Std CPU, Box 2-Cam$5,400.00Add To Cart
FQ2 Touch Finder, DC PSFQ2 Tou$1,179.75Add To Cart
S4 Color,1.3Mpix,NPN,C-mount$4,138.88Add To Cart
S4 Mono,1.3Mpix,NPN,C-Mount$4,138.88Add To Cart
S4 Color,0.8Mpix,PNP,53x47.3$4,134.00Add To Cart
I/O Cable, 2m$160.88Add To Cart
I/O Cable, 5m$224.25Add To Cart
I/O Cable, 10m$370.50Add To Cart
Ethernet cable, 2m$160.88Add To Cart
Ethernet Cable, 5m$234.00Add To Cart
Ethernet cable, 10m$385.13Add To Cart
Camera, digital color$1,470.00Add To Cart
UXGA color camara$3,285.00Add To Cart
FZ camera Wide View Short DistCall for PricingAdd To Cart
Parrallel cable, 2M$145.00Add To Cart