Exor is a Global Manufacturer of HMI & HMI with Control solutions focused on enhancing the "User Experience". Since 1971, Exor has been making significant advances in the world of HMI programming software and hardware producing high quality, innovative, and visually appealing Human Machine Interface solutions.  Our 40+ years of experience have led us to our flagship offer, JMobile Configuration Software, Series 500 Resistive Touch HMI, and Series 600 "True Glass" Capacitive Touch HMI. JMobile, alongside our 4+ decades of manufacturing excellence, offers industries' finest flexibility, connectivity, and portability; Web & Network enabled HMI solutions for secure control & data, anywhere, from any device. Exor's "modern" tool set allows for crafting a more visually appealing, better "User Experience".

Website : www.exor-rd.com