APLEX Technology, Inc. was founded in 2004. Committed to development and manufacturing of industrial computer products, the company has aggressively launched into development of products so that it can stay ahead of other competitors in design and master the pulse and trends of the entire industry. Based on system hardware platforms, APLEX offers a variety of competitive solutions for system integration clients or applications, including embedded computer platforms, human-machine interfaces (HMI), industrial displays, and other related products. Standard products, customized products or OEM/ODM project service are all made available to meet customers' special needs. Applications cover transportation, power, environmental monitoring, telecommunications, communications, medicine, factory automation, etc. APLEX pursues excellence by breakthroughs and innovations and realizes sustainable operation by satisfying customers. Since founding, the company has arrested customers' attention with its unique designs, excellent quality assurance and sound after-sales service. In 2013 Nov, APLEX also founded a branch in California, USA, spreading out all over the worlds in the industrial PC market, and providing more efficiency service and high-quality products and solutions. We are going deep into the field, expecting to be the expert in the industrial automation field. By steadily and progressively building up experience, we hope to have customers' trust with the highest quality and complete service. Let's go hand in hand to create a win-win situation!

Website : www.aplextec.com