The Power of One: Direct-Drive Motors Do More With Less

Yaskawa’s Bryan Knight discusses how direct-drive motors can increase reliability and efficiencies for manufacturing and material-handling operations.

Jonathan Katz | Sep 22, 2017

The changing face of manufacturing is forcing businesses to rethink their technology and infrastructure investments. In fact, a recent article in Material Handling & Logistics highlighted how the entire supply chain is poised for a transformation as e-commerce and other innovations, such as robotics and the Internet of Things, become more prevalent. Packaging is one area where manufacturers can expect significant changes, where technologies, such as "laser sensors and weighing scales can quickly determine the correct size needed for an item and then cutting machines prepare the exact sized box," said Al Will, retired Marine Colonel, logistics specialist, and president of PWG Distribution Solutions, to MH&L. Many of these technologies require motors that can enable more efficient and reliable operation. Direct-drive motors can help increase productivity and minimize maintenance-related downtime on various assembly and packaging applications. NED recently spoke with Bryan Knight, product marketing manager at Yaskawa America Inc.'s motion division to learn more about the potential benefits of direct-drive rotary servo motors.

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