1. Advanced motion control
    The NX1P comes equipped with the built-in EtherCAT port and controls up to eight servo systems. Motion control for up to four synchronized axes increases machine speed and precision.
    • Electronic cam for continuous and high-speed machine operation and interpolation for precise machining improve productivity and manufacturing quality.
  2. Networks for IoT at production sites
    Data can be collected from devices via EtherCAT and IO-Link for high value-added manufacturing.
    • EtherNet/IP enables data sharing with a host PC and between controllers on different machines.
    • EtherCAT connects I/O devices, motion devices, vision systems, and safety controllers with a single cable. Machine information can be checked by monitoring the status of the connected components.
    • The NX1P can monitor sensor data through the IO-Link master unit to reduce downtime by detecting errors and to perform predictive maintenance by monitoring status.
  3. High-performance and easy-to-use all-in-one compact controller
    • LD instruction execution time is 3.3 ns - the fastest in its class*2.
    • The built-in EtherCAT master functionality allows the NX1P CPU Unit to perform high-speed motion control and remote I/O control.
    • Sequence control and motion control are integrated in one controller. The built-in position control functionality reduces not only loss of communication time between the CPU unit and position control unit but also complexity of communication settings between the units.
    • The NX1P conforms to IEC 61131-3 standard programming and PLCopen® Function Blocks for motion control. Programming with variables allows users to create complex programs efficiently. All instructions used for the NX7/NJ5/NJ3/NJ1 can be used for the NX1P, which cuts programming time.
    • The Push-In Plus terminals used for the CPU unit and NX I/O Units save wiring time.
    • The NX1P retains user programs, set values, and variables during power interruption in the built-in non-volatile memory. No battery, no maintenance.