The Motoman HC10 is set to release their new collaborative robot sometime next year. It is a 6 axes human-collaborative that can safely work next to and with workers without the need of a safety fence.  this helps to increase flexibility, and save costs and space. 

The HC10 was designed to avoid pinch points and dangerous sharp edges with its blue rubber skin suit to further protect humans.  It has special Power and Force Limit technology to monitor force in each joint and adjust accordingly.  If any contact with an operator is detected, the robot can stop immediately.  In addition, robot programming is made simpler with the HC10's Easy Teaching Smart HUB. This software allows the robot arm positions and gripper operation to be guided by an operator and registered. 

The Motoman HC10  can handle up to 10kg payload, has a 1200 mm reach, is floor mounted, and comes with the new YRC 1000 controller.