Banner Wireless I/O Class- Houston
Thursday, November 09, 2017, 08:30am - 04:00pm
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Banner Wireless I/O Class- Houston

Intended Audience:  Customers and Potential Customers that want to add IO but the costs of running wire is too much.  Those who are considering wireless IO technology will learn about concepts and methods to wireless technology.  SCADA system designers or those with telemetry application will find this useful.  Star and Multi-Hop radios will be in use.

Topics to be Covered:

1) Wireless Networks Overview

  • Star vs Tree
  • TDMA
  • Frequency Hopping vs Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
  • Distributed Wireless IO Products
  • Data Radio Wireless Products

2) Hands-On Labs

  • PM Radio Examples
  • A) Call for Parts Application
  • B) Remote Temperature Monitoring
  •  Multi-Hop Radio Examples
  • A)  3 Radio network
  • B) Mix Star into Multiple radios

All travel & lodging is at customers expense.  Below are hotels that are near our office.

ADC Houston
10320 Lake Rd # 103, Houston, TX 77070


Location 10320 Lake Rd # 103, Houston, TX 77070
There are currently of spaces available