Phoenix Contact Engineer Training

  •   Jun 13, 2023
  •   GEA Arlington Learning Center.

Industry 4.0, IIOT, Big Data, no matter what term you choose to use, it’s not what’s next it’s what is required on the automation plant floor today.  Bridging the gap from the Plant floor to the office, the cloud is made simpler than ever with the unique controls offered by Phoenix Contact.  

Want to Run Node-Red on your logic controller? No problem!

Want an easy MQTT setup? No problem!

Want a device that can be programmed in several languages, including MATLAB and CODESYS? No Problem!

Want your edge device and logic controller to have a fully open Linux kernel with entire libraries?

Yep…no problem.   

Get all that and the traditional features of a Logic controller, like PLC open (IEC61131) standard programming languages.

This two-day class introduces how to program and use the basic features of the Phoenix Contact Line of edge controllers.

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