Linmot Releases NEW Design Software

Linmot Releases Design Software

LinMot Designer quickly calculates the parameters required for selection of a drive, based on the required motion sequences and loads, and shows them in relation to the selected motor and controller type.

LinMot released the new LinMot Designer 1.8.2.

The new release is available for free download from:


Release Information:


                               LinMot-Designer 1.8.2  / Datafile Version 29


- Support of P10-54 Motors

- Support of new sliders PL01-12-LC and PL01-20-LC (please contact LinMot USA prior to any use)

- Incorrect P10-37x120F-C-types in motor list are now fixed

- SSC-Motors without discrete bearings at both ends

  (e.g. P01-37x120F/80x160-HP-SSC) are not supported anymore

- Modified names of SSC-Motors with standard bearings at both ends: "Bx" -> "PB"

  (e.g. P01-37x120F-Bx24/80x160-HP-SSC => P01-37x120F-PB24/80x160-HP-SSC)