TURCK Offers Flexible High Performance Ultrasonic Sensor Series

TURCK Offers Flexible High Performance Ultrasonic Sensor Series

PLYMOUTH, Minn. (July 21, 2015) –TURCK is pleased to announce their new family of teachable ultrasonic sensors. The new ultrasonic sensor series from TURCK enables the user to cover large sensing ranges with fewer sensor variants and short blind zones. The sensors are available in 18mm and 30mm barrel housings with sensing ranges from 40cm to 300cm. Designed for rugged industrial applications, these sensors are IP67 rated and an ideal solution for object detection and liquid level applications.

In order to offer the right sensor for every application, TURCK has increased the versatility of the individual models. The simple compact version of the RU40 and RU100 modules enables the user to set the sensing range as well as NC and NO switching outputs with a teach adapter. The standard sensor versions also enable the setting of switch windows and two separate switching points, either by a teach adapter or via a teach button directly on the sensor.

The high-end versions can be operated as a switch or as an analog sensor. Different operating modes, temperature compensation or the output function can also be set via IO-Link. If several sensors are installed next to each other, the customer can set the sensor parameters in synchronization or multiplex mode, in order to prevent mutual interference of the sensors. An optional USB master is also available which enables interface and parameterization of high-end sensors via IO-Link.

TURCK has developed a series of training videos to detail the features and benefits of each variant, and how to program the different output types. The videos can be found on TURCK’s YouTube Channel, TurckTV, or by clicking on one of these links: http://youtu.be/0p-zKBsxFMohttp://youtu.be/Ya0KhseSyMg, and http://youtu.be/9xRHXp8uwbw. There is also a brochure on TURCK’s ultrasonic offering that can be downloaded here: http://old.turck.us/assets/B1104_Ultrasonic_Sensors.zip.


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