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  • Encoder Products 30MT

    Encoder Products 30MT

    Encoder Products Company Introduces a Versatile Magnetic Encoder Module with a Threaded Housing The Model 30MT is easy to install and provides high-performance rotary feedback over a wide range of operating conditions. Sagle, Idaho: Encoder Products Company (EPC), worldwide manufacturers of encoders,...

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  • ABB Enclosed Disconnects

    ABB Enclosed Disconnects

    NEC Code 2011 Disconnect Requirements     Articles 422 through 450   422.31 Disconnection of Permanently Connected Appliances (A) Rated at Not Over 300 Volt-Amperes or 1/ 8 Horsepower For permanently connected appliances rated at not over 300 volt-amperes or1/ 8 hp, the branch-circuit overcurrent device shall be permitted to serve as the disconnecting m...

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  • Omron NX1P

    Omron NX1P

    Features Advanced motion control The NX1P comes equipped with the built-in EtherCAT port and controls up to eight servo systems. Motion control for up to four synchronized axes increases machine speed and precision. Electronic cam for continuous and high-speed machine operation and interpolation for precise machining improve productivity and manufacturing qualit...

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